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We design, construct, and market custom website solutions to meet the growing needs of businesses. With skilled web designers, programmers and marketing specialists, we take pride in delivering quality workmanship, setting exceptional standards, and are committed to improving and impacting how customers receive and engage with content.

Tektus builds branded websites, helps you optimize your page content, creates dynamic content, and optimizes your SEO and interface.

Specialty Focus Areas

There are thousands of websites that get almost no traffic. To help your website and business stand out amongst the competition, we specialize in the following areas:



75% of users never go past the first page of search results.

We’ll improve your online visibility by finding the perfect set of keywords and optimizing content to rank your site at the top of major search engines.



Search visibility is just one part of the equation.

The Tektus team can help you boost conversions by creating engaging content for your website, from copy to graphics to video and VR.



We don’t just create pretty, engaging websites; we also design and operationalize transactional platforms and configurators.



Developing and launching classic WordPress sites to more advanced and complex solutions.


Our Offering

Regardless of the complexity of your needs, our experienced full-stack developers are here for you. From full eCommerce to simple landing pages, we have the experience and know-how to deliver.

Of course, having a great website is important but it will be your best-kept secret without exposure. Our digital marketing efforts will help you drive qualified traffic to your website, while optimizing its ranking on search engines.

 We monitor and report on your website metrics and KPIs. When engaging our services, you will be able to measure traffic growth, engagement, and success.

Success Stories

EzoBord Ecommerce UK

This complex e-commerce site employed an assortment of Tektus’ services – renderings, website development, branding (to identify buyer personas) marketing, and SEO.


Ayrsonics Website

This company needed an upgraded site to communicate with their clients. With Tektus’ help, Ayrsonics now has an optimized informational page and also a portal for handling product information and training for all their sales reps.



CPD Community

“Community” is not only a site; it is also a community for architects and designers. The challenge that Tektus helped this brand to overcome was how to create a platform where this group of professionals could get e-learning credits and also engage in one place.

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