How Quiet Earth Moss Upped the Ante on Their Marketing Toolkit

When Ayrsonics Inc. acquired the Quiet Earth Moss line, they engaged Tektus to create marketing assets for their sales reps including: 

  • A New Website
  • Marketing Material
  • Sample Boxes

Given the “nature” of the line, and to best showcase its textural qualities and product application, they also wanted to produce photo-realistic renders.

Location Ontario


Kitchener, Ontario, Canada



Biophilic Acoustic Solutions

Service Alt


Photogramery, Renders

The Context

While Ayrsonics offered a full-service bespoke configuration solution, they had not sold the solution to any clients.  

The Challenge

To showcase the vast potential of the product without real-world examples.

They reached out to Tektus to create 3D renders that would showcase their products and wow reps and consumers alike.

The Solution

Working closely with Ayrsonics, Tektus selected potential environments and applications for the product and related products and rendered them in life-like detail. They rendered scenes for the website, the product brochures, and the digital marketing campaign. To acomplish photorealistic renderings, Tektus scanned the material for Ayrsonics using a process called “Photogrametry”. Photogrammetry is a revolutionary method of processing a collection of pictures and then transforming those images into high resolution 3D models.

With these high-quality renders, Ayrsonics had all the tools necessary to execute their product launch successfully and on schedule.

The Result

Ayrsonics now enjoys a healthy and expected sales growth and has returned to Tektus Digital for additional renders for their extensive and sustained marketing effort. Tektus Digital continues to add value to the evolving Quiet Earth Moss product line and ongoing marketing effort.

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