Catapult Your Digital Strategy

With Dealer-Driven Marketing Services

Bringing your brand to life means taking it to market. Driving intersection and engagement with customers requires an effective digital marketing strategy for your business. Whether you are an interiors dealership with stretched marketing resources or product manufacturers looking to freshen your approach, Tektus can be an extension of your marketing team.


Marketing Services

We can execute your digital marketing strategy for you, or if you have the resources, we can simply provide you with the pre-packaged content and recipe to execute it yourself. Tektus can provide you with the appropriate resources to get the job done.

Strategic Planning

Delivering messages to your audience is about understanding where they are in the digital ecosystem. We do this by working with you to leverage your email and social media platforms as well as your website and our value-added VR experience to deliver campaigns that drive traffic and qualified client and prospect conversions.

Content Creation

We work with you to set your objectives around content development. Then we develop appropriate content to support your marketing strategy. That includes website copy as well as Blogs and articles to support and optimize your SEO efforts which reaffirm your place and leadership intent within your market category.

Web Design

Good web design necessarily promotes and enhances the customer experience.

Our team of web developers and marketers can build or update your website, help you optimize your existing content and SEO structure and user interface.

Social Media

If you’re not engaged on social media platforms, you may be missing valuable opportunities for new business and brand awareness. We can help you disseminate your message and reach new audiences with curated messages to share with audiences across multiple social platforms.

Data and Analytics

All the marketing efforts you put into motion have less impact if you cannot measure growth, engagement and success. We provide you with dashboards and reports on your key metrics and KPIs so you can manage your success based on real-time data.

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