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What style of showroom do I choose?

We offer different styles of showrooms. Here you’ll find a description of each:

  • Modern Minimalist: this style has an open parameter of windows to harvest natural light and showcase your urban vibe. The interior supports traditional office settings with simple colors that understate and do not compete with the space.Great cool space for virtual offices that want to show their products contextually in a more traditional yet modern office environment.
  • Classic Contemporary: this space provides an expansive setting to showcase your products and solutions. With an abundance of wood defining divisional parameters as well as flooring and beams, this classic contemporary space combines traditional and modern elements. Resembling an elegant multi-level warehouse style feel, the space features exquisite, terraced platforms, striking lighting, and symmetrical window cut outs to create a sense of openness and connection with the outdoors. Perfect for showcasing traditional and sophisticated products.
  • Scandinavian: our Scandinavian style showroom combines warmth and functionality. One of the most interesting features is the atrium ceiling, which provides contrast in the middle of the space – perfect for showcasing any type of product. Timber walls further enhance and complete the experience.
  • Industrial Loft Office: this type of setting presents an adaptable open office space that has been converted for light industrial or commercial use. These types of spaces are becoming increasingly popular, especially with small businesses and creative companies, due to their open floor plans and collaborative nature. This set up is perfect for showcasing modern-looking furniture.
  • Moder Neo Classic: this showroom reflects elegance and sophistication without being ostentatious. With sleek lines, it more subtly evokes luxury and balances modernity with traditional elements. This setting is ideal for organizations steeped in history who have evolved to a more progressive footing and who want to showcase products that have both an endearing quality as well as progressive design.
  • Modern Industrial: stylize your showroom with the elegance of modern architectural design and the raw edginess of structural elements. Exposed ceilings and beams are themselves turned into showpieces, achieving a look that appears incomplete yet somehow manages to achieve cohesiveness. Featuring both a modern and mechanical feel, this showroom space will make eyes turn and complement your premium furnishing and interior products with unmatched interest.
  • Luxury Contemporary: this space is single leveled and provides the perfect setting for an event space or a large showroom. Lined with large executive office style enclaves on one end, this setting embraces modernity and luxury while restricting itself to only essential elements. Showcase your furniture solutions in a setting that supports natural materials and features neutral walls and textures along with clean lines. Mixing track and pot lighting further adds differentiation to your showroom. Stay practical and kick it up with luxurious accents.
  • Luxury Contemporary Dark: reminiscent of an elegant theatre space with rising staircases on either end, this luxury setting can be adapted to reflect the posh nature of your brand. With streamlined track lighting leading down the corridor, you can insert an array of products both in the lobby and on the second level. Upstairs, open enclaves provide an ideal feature area for your furnishings. Add some biophilia too to bring the outside in.
  • Modern Barnhouse: this style combines the best of both worlds with characteristic pitched ceilings and rustic beams with exposed wood. Insert modern glass work areas to showcase your products and you’ll have the coolest space in town. Or is that in the country as the flair of this modern space brings with it a rustic-chic personality and surrounding greenery. This space encourages exploration and provides you with the canvas to do what you want within a recognizable and iconic building structure.
What if I didn't receive my estimate by email?

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