Photorealistic Office Furniture Renderings On Demand

At Tektus, we create amazing office furniture renderings that breathe new life into how your products are displayed. From full office sets to individual pieces, Tektus can boost your online impact. From our basic white backgrounds to our full photorealistic outside environment, the results will render you speechless!

Our Process

We kick it off by asking you to provide us with 3D models of your products, as well as any additional information and guidance such as floor plan, arrangements, colors/finishes etc.

The Tektus team will then produce samples for you to review and provide feedback.

Based on your feedback, our team will update the renders and send them back to you for final approval.

Lastly, 4k resolution renderings are delivered. Our renders can be used at the appropriate resolution in brochures, and on digital properties, including your website.

White Background

These basic renderings, in a white background or any solid color, deliver photo-realistic quality and make them ideal for stand-alone products of mass consumption such as furniture and electronics.


By creating front-view renderings in a basic environment (floor and wall) with interior lighting and photo-realistic quality, you can showcase your product effectively within a setting of your choice.


Feature architectural and interior design elements to enhance product displays in indoor spaces by using photo-realistic quality renderings.

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Looking to render new products, or update and reformulate your current line?

Tektus can render and showcase your product at a fraction of the cost of photography or video with stunning results.