Have You Built Your Virtual Showroom Yet?

If you’ve heard about the ‘Metaverse’ and thought it to be a ‘future’ thing know that the future is now! Now is the time to make it a reality, or better yet a virtual reality.  Furniture and technology companies are fast recognizing that they need to expand capacity and engage the hybrid workforce with solutions that customers can access anytime and anywhere.

Tektus has carved out its own niche with its focus on the furniture interiors market. Companies are exploring alternate solutions to physical showrooms by using virtual reality to showcase products, acoustics, lighting and more.

Come to our co-booth and experience Tektus’ range of showroom options with a cost-effective model that will transform the way your customers consume and interact with information.

Modern Minimalist

Classic Contemporary


Industrial Loft Office

Modern Neo Classic

Modern Industrial

Luxury Contemporary

Luxury Contemporary Dark

Modern Barnhouse


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