Reveal Your Product Personality Using Our 3D Product Animation Studio

Beyond the Photograph

Photography can encapsulate beauty but when you’re looking to dig into the details, there is no better representation than animation. With video engagement dominating the on-line air waves, animation reveals movement, texture, features and application.

Flex your product muscle with interactive animations or showcase your flexible space as it comes together on the fly. Whichever treatment you choose, you can rest assured that your clients will see your solutions in a whole new light.

Our Process

You decide which service to use. Provide us with 3D model-environments or let the Tektus Team take care of it. 

Next provide us with information such as: camera movements, length of video, interactivity, references, finishes etc.

The final video is then provided. Extra revisions may incur additional costs.

Videos are delivered where required as per the set objectives and quality resolution established.

Animation Services

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These types of videos are often used to showcase processes, before and after sequences of spaces, and physical characteristics of products.


With an interactive animation treatment, showcase your product with “actions” like turn-table, zoom in-out, exploded view and 360

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