How ezoBord Achieved Photo-realism

ezoBord is an architectural acoustic product company with a full range of fully customizable acoustic products for ceiling, wall, division and furniture applications.


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada



Acoustic Materials



The Context

ezoBord launches new products on a regular schedule for its partners and distributors.

To support ongoing sales initiatives and create brand distinction, ezoBord saw an opportunity to acquire leading edge rendering services and marketing materials.

The Challenge

ezobord lacked sufficient historical installations to rely on photography especially given the range of new products that they continue to develop and bring to market.


The Solution

Tektus, using CAD design models and direction from ezoBord, produced a full set of digital renders for the OBI Whiteboard Panel product. The still and full-motion renders produced were designed to properly showcase the product in live environments, convey the value proposition, and demonstrate application and options available to the client

Tektus continues to work with ezoBord on a continual basis supporting regularly scheduled product launches.

Contact Tektus to see how we can work with your team to help you launch your products quickly and effectively at a cost that is significantly lower than photography, or when photography is simply not an option.

Please browse the selection of photos below to see some of the renders we produced for the project.

The Result

Please view the full motion render that Tektus produced for the ezoBord OBI Mobile Office Divider, complete with a custom music backing track.

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