Virtual Showroom Style: Modern Neo Classic

featuring Steelcase products*

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*Tektus is not Steelcase’s representative, distributor, or agent. Product inclusion is solely for illustrative purposes, without implying an official association or endorsement.

This showroom reflects elegance and sophistication without being ostentatious. With sleek lines, it more subtly evokes luxury and balances modernity with traditional elements. This setting is ideal for organizations steeped in history who have evolved to a more progressive footing and who want to showcase products that have both an endearing quality as well as progressive design.


Showroom Controls

  • Click and drag with your mouse to change view
  • Click arrows to move inside the space
  • Click on buttons for options/multimedia content




All time indications of the media content in the virtual environment


Guided Tour

Discover a variety of modes to interact with showroom visitors

VR Glasses

VR Ready

Use an optional VR set to enhance the showroom experience


Smart Tags

Incorporate information tags that can be linked to your website, download brochure, etc.


Data Analytics

Access and leverage data, including clicks and heatmaps to gain customer behaviour insights

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