Canadian Company Launches Virtual Showrooms for Global Furniture Industry to Meet Needs of Hybrid Workforce

Feb 9, 2022

Tektus Digital provides furniture manufacturers, dealers, sales reps and showroom managers the technology to expand customer base through virtual reality 

Tektus Digital, a Toronto-based real estate technology company, officially launched its flagship product – Virtual Showroom, aimed at furniture manufacturers and dealers looking to extend their showroom capacity online. With virtual and augmented reality companies looking to deliver ‘metaverse’ experiences to customers, Tektus has carved out its own niche with its focus on the furniture interiors market. Companies are exploring alternate solutions to physical showrooms by using virtual reality to showcase products, acoustics, lighting and more.

“Tektus is poised to deliver compelling virtual experiences to furniture companies that are exploring new ways to engage with their customers,” said Doug Barlett, CEO of Tektus Digital. “The range of showroom options and the cost-effective model that Tektus offers will transform the way customers consume and interact with information.” 

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While organizations increasingly look to bring their employees back to the office, many have pivoted to accommodate their hybrid workforce. Hybrid offers a range of benefits including providing greater work-life balance to employees as well as corporate real estate savings as companies reevaluate their physical space strategies. With more workers now able to work remotely, engaging with customers online has never been more critical, especially for organizations previously relying on in-person settings.

Customer behaviors have long been changing, with most doing their research on-line and many making purchasing decisions without even walking into an actual showroom. That’s why furnishing companies who are looking to lower their physical real estate costs are seeing opportunity and embracing virtualization technology which delivers high quality interactive photo realistic experiences for their customers.

The Tektus Virtual Showroom product is more than just ‘eye candy.’ Barlett believes the time is ripe for the traditional contract furniture industry to embrace the digital transformation. “Virtual showrooms are the new real estate frontier,” he said. “Almost every industry has gained efficiencies and enticed more customers by casting a wider net through technology enablement. With 3D renderings that mimic real life, and an array of showroom styles constantly being developed, Tektus is generating experiences that rival in-person showroom visits.”

Virtual showrooms can help furniture companies get in front of their customers and design partners by offering easy access to their products. They also serve as a platform for companies to provide sales training, even integrating avatar spokespersons to guide the customer experience. With real costs savings, the prospect of monetizing the showroom by selling directly to customers, and the ability to invite more ‘on-line foot traffic’, Tektus is well positioned to make its mark. Companies are also getting on board with virtualization technologies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Businesses can view the wide array of showrooms at

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About Tektus Digital

Tektus Digital provides digital visualization solutions that enable organizations to deliver the most impactful customer experience. Their flagship offering, the Virtual Showroom, provides greater flexibility and cost savings to manufacturer and furniture companies that are looking to expand their showroom capacity on-line to engage more customers wherever and whenever they work. Tektus sports an agile team made up of web designers, industrial and graphic designers, and marketing experts who have experience with contract furnishings. Tektus also offers rendering and animation services as well as digital marketing support to help customers promote their Virtual Showroom.

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