Virtual Showrooms: As if You Were There

The Tektus Virtual Showroom is our flagship product. It provides an interactive virtual experience that affords the visitor the power to view products up close without leaving their office or home and sample options in real-time.

Our 360 degree Virtual Showrooms allow furniture manufacturers, independent sales reps, and dealers to enhance their business exposure and drive additional revenue by engaging customers experientially. At a fraction of the cost of a physical space, but with a global reach, you no longer need to be hindered by time or geography.


Pre-Built Virtual Showrooms [Major Brands]

Tektus provides a comprehensive selection of pre-built virtual showrooms featuring major office furniture brands, which can be customized to fit the unique product mix of each dealer.
These virtual showrooms are designed to help dealers establish a strong online presence quickly and cost-effectively, providing an immersive and interactive experience for their customers that will drive sales up!

Industrial Loft Office

Modern Neo Classic

featuring Steelcase

Modern Industrial

featuring Allsteel

Luxury Contemporary

featuring Haworth

Luxury Contemporary Midnight

featuring Global

Modern Barnhouse

Modern Minimalist

featuring Teknion

Classic Contemporary

featuring Herman Miller


Why You Should Have a Virtual Showroom?

Our showroom spaces are unique on the market and a powerful way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Thanks to their true-to-life appearance and interactive nature, our 360 degree virtual renderings are the best way to keep visitors engaged. Real-time interaction showcases your products much better than a 2D image ever could.


  • Retailers who are already planning to use AR or VR 32% 32%
  • Customers wanting to access interactive content 55% 55%
  • Customers expecting retailers to offer an AR experience 75% 75%
  • Higher likelihood to buy when AR try-on is available 50% 50%

Thanks to the interactive nature of our virtual spaces the visitor experience is immersive and true-to-life. Whether the experience is accompanied by a salesperson or alone, chances of conversion are much higher.

Virtual Showroom Benefits

The Tektus Virtual Showroom delivers a multitude of benefits to advance your brand and enhance the customer experience

Expanded Capacity

Expand your real estate footprint by extending your showroom capacity virtually

Customer Access

Showcase your products and solutions 24/7 from anywhere

Ecommerce Revenue

Create transactional points of intersection for clients to view and purchase your products directly

Training Platform

Facilitate sales training in a mockup space

Enhanced Flexibility

Change your showroom and product set easily to support new launches and colors

Cost Savings

Mitigate physical real estate costs significantly

Powerful Branding

Build your brand value and demonstrate your progressive marketing approach


Reduce your carbon footprint through virtual engagement

Personalized Virtual Showroom Solutions

Our standard spaces are designed by our staff of architects and designers. Beautifully crafted and expertly lit to showcase your products, our virtual spaces entice your visitors to choose options and configurations that resonate with them.

However, if a standard space won’t do, let us work with you to create a virtual showroom that meets your specific needs. We offer custom spaces with the following features: 

  • Square footage as needed
  • Smart tags/popups with graphics/web & download links
  • One-click demonstration of options/colors & finishes
  • Heat mapping and analytics tracking
  • Sound, video, animation integration
  • Website and eCommerce integration
  • Guided tours

Our digital marketing team can help you market your virtual space and integrate it into your website!

We can also assist with driving more qualified traffic to your website. Enjoy increased engagement, which also significantly benefits your website’s search engine performance!


Book Your Virtual Showroom Tour

Want to test our cutting-edge VR technology yourself? Book a tour of our featured spaces and experience first-hand all that Tektus has to offer.

Tektus Digital is hard at work, constantly creating more standard spaces to choose from.

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