Digital Visualization Services

Tektus provides digital visualization solutions that enable your organization to deliver the most impactful customer experience.

Whether you’re looking to extend your digital footprint through a Virtual Showroom, support your sales proposals with animation and renderings, or amp up your marketing assets, Tektus does it all without breaking the bank.

What’s Behind the Curtain?

Tektus acts as an extension of your sales, marketing, and design teams by taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Our digital visualization and marketing services are designed to augment your brand expression and boost your business.

Impress your customers with ’the big reveal’ using our 4 key pillars:

Virtual Showroom

Virtual Showroom





Virtual Showroom

Enhance your visual real estate with virtual showrooms using high visualization, interactive 360 degree renders that allow customers to engage with your products. Get more flex without the overhead of physical expansion.

Looking to Make Your Ordinary Extraordinary?


What you see is what you get. Transform your ideas into reality with spaces that look as they were meant to. Curate your own environment with an array of choices and let our photorealistic office furniture renderings bring them to life.


Let your products tell their own story using our 3D product animation studio. Create an ad and uniquely showcase your solutions. Then see it all come together and dazzle your customers.

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Featured Projects

ezoBord OBI Whiteboard Panel

Using CAD design models and direction from ezoBord, Tektus produced a full set of digital renders for the OBI Whiteboard Panel product.

Ayrsonics Quiet Earth Moss

Find out how Tektus responded to the marketing requirements of Ayrsonics by delivering true-to-life render images that supported the Quiet Earth Moss product line.

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Dean McIntyre

Quiet Earth Moss

“As we launched Quiet Earth Moss and our new website, the challenge we faced was recreating the natural texture of the preserved moss in a digital format. Our internal design team were adamant that if we were using renders rather than photography they must look realistic. The Tektus team was able to emulate the moss perfectly. The quality of the renders provided by Tektus are frankly incredible. It has been a pleasure to work with the Tektus team”

Mae Romero

Mae Romero


“In preparation for a recent product launch, we worked directly with Tektus to produce a subway station rendering featuring our new Rail 6 Metro light fixture. We provided a bit of art direction and samples of the type of image we were looking for, and upon receiving the first draft, it was evident that the team was very capable and professional at what they do. After a few edits, they delivered a beautiful, high-quality rendering that we were very happy with. There was an ease to working with them from start to finish and we would not hesitate to work with them again” 


Rob Way


“SwiftSpace offers a comprehensive line of products that make it easy to quickly meet the changing needs of an organization.  While our Sales Reps have sales samples that they can use to demonstrate the functionality of the products we lacked a way to show the visual aesthetics.  Working with the Tektus Team we were able to create a Visual Showroom that gives the end-user the feeling that they are standing right in the office experiencing how the product will look.”