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Virtual Showroom Style: Modern Barnhouse

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The Modern Barnhouse combines the best of both worlds with characteristic pitched ceilings and rustic beams with exposed wood. Insert modern glass work areas to showcase your products and you’ll have the coolest space in town. Or is that in the country as the flair of this modern space brings with it a rustic-chic personality and surrounding greenery. This space encourages exploration and provides you with the canvas to do what you want within a recognizable and iconic building structure.

Showroom Controls

  • Click and drag with your mouse to change view
  • Click arrows to move inside the space
  • Click on buttons for options/multimedia content





All time indications of the media content in the virtual environment


Guided Tour

Discover a variety of modes to interact with showroom visitors

VR Glasses

VR Ready

Use an optional VR set to enhance the showroom experience


Smart Tags

Incorporate information tags that can be linked to your website, download brochure, etc.


Data Analytics

Access and leverage data, including clicks and heatmaps to gain customer behaviour insights

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